An Instagram bot is an easy way to automate tasks and build your Instagram following. It may seem like all you have to do is click a few buttons and get to work. While this is strictly true, a little bit of knowledge will keep your account safe, maximize the results, and make sure everyone is happy.

In this post, we’ll show you how to get the most out of SumoGram or any Instagram automation tool you’re considering.

Only use one Instagram bot or automation tool at a time

Using multiple automation tools at once is the fastest way to develop serious problems with your accounts. It may result in an elongated or even permanent ban. All the hard work you did previously would be gone.

That’s not the goal.

The reason is that there are limits to the activities your account can perform in a given time. There are limits to the number of likes, follows, unfollows, etc. you can perform in an hour. With two Instagram bots, it’s likely you’ll go over the limits.

Even if you don’t go over the daily limits, Instagram monitors login locations. If one bot is logging in from London, one is logging in from New York, and you’re logging in from Atlanta, there’s a strong possibility your account will be flagged.

Finally, avoid performing the same actions as your bot. If your bot is auto-following for you then refrain from following users on your phone.

Patience is the name of the game

We all want results as quickly as possible and when you sign up for an Instagram bot or any type of Instagram growth service – you want faster results. We want to make something very clear – we want to help you get real followers.

We don’t sell followers and never will because they’re worse than useless. If you have a million fake followers then no one will like, comment, or otherwise engage with your content.

All your money (and time) would’ve been wasted. SumoGram does speed up the process considerably but it doesn’t happen overnight. We allow you to target and filter the accounts that make the most sense for you.

Once it’s up and running, real people will begin to interact with your brand and if you have great content, they’ll start to follow you as well.

In a nutshell, the name of the game is high-quality imagery, the right hashtags, and a sound Instagram automation strategy.  The rest is just time.

Focus on the right targets

No matter how effective it is, SumoGram is an Instagram bot that needs to be set up by a real human. Before you jump in turn on following, liking, commenting, and direct messages – you’ll need to choose the right targets.

These are the people who would make the most sense to follow and interact with your Instagram account. If you’re a men’s fashion brand those people could be young professional men, young skaters, or surfers.

Can you see how many different options you have? That’s why it’s important to clearly define your targets. Here are a few questions to get you started.

  • Who do you want to be your follower? (Businessmen, fashion enthusiasts, beauty queens, entrepreneurs or …)
  • Who would like your content? (If you are a business mentor, it is possible that other entrepreneurs love your stuff)
  • Who are your competitors? (If you are a yoga enthusiast, choose the most famous yoga trainers on Instagram)
  • Where are you? If you run a local business in the US, it makes no sense to target people in other parts of the world. But it makes perfect sense to hit people in your city!
  • What hashtags are popular in your niche? (If you are a brand, look for the hashtags used by your competitors)

Once you have the answers to these questions and have set up your targets, keep an eye on the engagement rate of each target. Keep the most effective ones and delete the targets that aren’t performing well.

Keep a clean follower/following ratio

There are limits to the number of people you can follow on Instagram. It caps out at 7,500 people. We suggest you keep the number of people you follow much lower. You should always avoid following more people than follow you.

This helps you keep your Instagram bots activity looking natural.

A rule of thumb is a 2:1 ratio in favor of followers. For example, if you have two thousand followers then you should keep the number of people you follow to a thousand people or less.

Once you pass ten thousand followers, this ration can be relaxed and you can follow more aggressively.

Increase activity limits slowly

The Instagram platform allows you to perform a limited number of actions per hour and per day. We’ve created SumoGram with pre-configured speed settings to make it easier for you to get started. You can also set up custom speed settings.

When you have a new account or an account which you’ve not used automation on then it’s wise to start slowly and warm up your account. If not, there’s a good chance your activity will be flagged and receive a temporary ban.

Once you’ve been running your Instagram bot for a few days and everything is working fine then you can increase the activity speeds a little more. If you want to use your bot aggressively then be sure to increase activity slowly over the course of a few weeks.

When you work like this, you can be sure Instagram won’t issue action blocks for your accounts and you’ll be free to enjoy your Instagram bot for a long time to come.

Use spintax to create comments

Automatic comments can work wonders when they’re used properly. It can also be frustrating when someone tells you nice shot when you’ve shown them a painting. It’s obvious the comment wasn’t authentic.

To get the most out of automated Instagram commenting, use neutral phrases that can apply in most situations. Also, create a few that apply more to your niche. In the end, be fun and creative and you’ll enjoy the benefits of Instagram comments.

Engaging Direct Messages

The direct message function is powerful and can open new doors for you when it comes to your Instagram marketing. A mistake a lot of people tend to make is going straight for the sale in the first direct message they send.

Always remember, people aren’t on social media to be sold to. This is especially true for Instagram. They’re there to connect with their friends, stalk rivals, and be inspired. Your direct message shoving a product down their throat won’t be appreciated.

Instead, go for a welcome message that introduces you and your product. Auto direct messages need to be written using spintax format. If you don’t use this format correctly, you won’t have unique messages, thus Instagram will get suspicious because of sending the same message repeatedly and may ban your direct messaging.
Message supports the spin-tax format. For example:
‘Nice {photo|picture}’.
This message will be converted generates the following comments:

  1. Nice photo
  2. Nice picture


  1. Message:Thank you for following me! We do appreciate it and your comments
  2. The same message using Spintax:{Thank you|Thanks|merci} for {connecting with|following}  {me|us|our Instagram| our page|our account}. We {really|do|} appreciate it and your {comments|feedback|opinions}

Also, use different emojis in your message and set them in spintax { | } so the bot posts different ones each time.

Focus on high-quality content.

One of the major benefits of a great Instagram bot is the ability to free up your time for other things. By this point, you’re done setting up your Instagram automation and have that extra time. Use it to create higher quality photos, more compelling photos, and deeper connections with your followers.

The end result is a growing account that’s professionally put together. Your fans will stick around and you’ll have more opportunities open before you.

Sign up now and enjoy a Free 3-Day Trial of all our services. Discover SumoGrams features and take your Instagram to the next level!



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